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3 Things You Can Expect from Your First Waxing

3 Things You Can Expect from Your First Waxing

Whether it’s above your lip or under your arm, it’s unwanted. Hair that is. People have been using various tools and techniques to get rid of unwanted hair for centuries. 

Many of the methods you use today were used by Ancient Romans and Egyptians, including waxing

At Montclair Rejuvenation Center, our team of estheticians led by Dr. Kelly Distefano provides a few treatments for removing unwanted hair, including laser hair removal, waxing, and dermaplaning — which is a type of facial that removes the peach fuzz from the surface of skin.

Though laser hair removal is popular, it’s not the right tool for everyone. If you have unwanted hair and you’re considering waxing, we want to share with you what you can expect. 

1. We need hair to wax

Waxing is a semi-permanent hair removal treatment that keeps your skin smooth and hair-free for up to four weeks. One of the reasons waxing is so effective is because it removes the hair from the root. 

In order to pull out the hair and the root, you need to let your unwanted hair grow to about 1/4 to 3/4 inches long. If your hair is longer than 3/4 inches, we recommend carefully trimming the hair. Waxing is more painful if your hair is too long.

2. Preparing your skin gets better results

Before your waxing appointment, we recommend you begin an exfoliation routine to remove dead skin cells from the treatment area. Prepping your skin may prevent ingrown hair and clogged pores.

On the day of your waxing appointment, wash your skin to remove dirt, oil, and any beauty products. Having clean, dry skin makes it easier for the wax to stick to your skin so you get better results (and less pain). 

We may hold off on your waxing if you use or take products containing retinoids. Retinoids make your skin more sensitive, causing your skin to tear during the waxing process. 

3. Don’t think about the pain

Many people fear waxing because of the pain. But taking a few precautions as mentioned above may reduce some of your discomfort. You can also take an over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever or use ice packs before your waxing appointment to minimize pain.

We apply the wax in small sections in the direction of your hair growth and let it set for a few seconds. With one hand we keep your skin taut and with the other we quickly remove the wax in the opposite direction of your hair growth. We then put pressure on the skin to control the sting.

You can expect skin redness and sensitivity for a few hours following your waxing, but these side effects don’t last long. Waxing also exfoliates your skin, leaving the area smoother.

Because waxing disturbs the hair at the root, repeating the beauty treatment may lead to permanent results.  

Waxing quickly and effectively removes unwanted hair for weeks. And when done by our expert estheticians, you can expect as painless an experience as possible. 

Don’t let your fear of pain keep you from getting rid of your unwanted hair. Call our office in Verona or West Caldwell, New Jersey, or click the book online button to schedule a waxing consultation with our esthetic experts today. 

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