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4 Benefits of CoolSculpting to Transform Your Body

4 Benefits of CoolSculpting to Transform Your Body

It’s no secret that daily crunches are ineffective at getting rid of the layer of fat hiding your sculpted abs. That’s not how the body works. In order to lose fat from any part of your body, you need to create a negative calorie balance by eating less and moving more, right? Well, yes and no.

Eating a balanced diet and getting regular exercise is a great way to get and stay healthy and maintain your target weight. But these healthy habits may not help you reach your body shape goals. Some pockets of fat won’t budge no matter how hard you try. 

That’s why our team of aesthetic experts, led by Dr. Kelly Distefano, at Montclair Rejuvenation Center offers CoolSculpting®. This nonsurgical body contouring device uses innovative freezing technology to destroy those unwanted fat cells, transforming your body.

1. Treats many areas of the body

CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared to reduce fat from many areas of the body that like to hold onto unwanted fat cells. This includes:

Treatment time varies depending on the part of the body undergoing fat reduction, but usually takes anywhere from one to three hours. Many of our patients use this time to catch up on emails, watch their favorite shows, or simply relax. 

You may need two or more CoolSculpting treatments to get the best results. 

2. No surgery

CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical body contouring treatment. What does this mean? No incisions and no anesthesia. This also means no downtime.

Instead, CoolSculpting uses cryolipolysis to reduce fat. Cryolipolysis is a process that transmits temperatures low enough to freeze and destroy the fat cells without affecting any of the surrounding cells or tissues. 

You may feel a gentle vacuum pressure and intense cold during the first 10 minutes of your CoolSculpting session. But, then the area numbs and these side effects go away. Once complete, we massage the treatment area for two minutes to break up the fat cells. 

After you complete your CoolSculpting session, you can go right back to your normal routine. 

3. Results look natural

It takes your body a little time to remove the destroyed fat cells from the treated area. You may start to see changes in your body shape about one to three months after your CoolSculpting session. Final results may take six or more months.

The slow and steady loss of fat with CoolSculpting leads to more natural-looking results, not like you had “work done.”

4. Fat loss is permanent

Once your body gets rid of those destroyed fat cells, they never come back. As long as you continue to eat a balanced diet, get regular exercise, and maintain a healthy weight, results are permanent.

CoolSculpting reduces fat on your body, but it’s not a weight-loss procedure. 

Are you ready to transform your body with CoolSculpting? We’re ready to help you get started. Call our office in Verona or West Caldwell, New Jersey, or click the book online button to schedule your consultation today. 

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