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Who Can Benefit from Our Drip Spa

Who Can Benefit from Our Drip Spa

Drip spas aren’t just for celebrities. Anyone who wants a boost in energy, better support against stress, or healthier looking skin benefits from the drip spa at Montclair Rejuvenation Center in Verona and West Caldwell, New Jersey.

Led by Dr. Kelly Distefano, our team is all about making you look and feel your best. We offer many beauty treatments that improve your outward appearance. But you need to nourish the inside, too; that’s why we have vitamin drips

Here, we want to tell you more about our drip spa and how it can benefit you. 

Our drip spa

Nutrition and hydration are vital for health and well-being. But you may not always eat the most perfect diet or be able to get the nutrients your body needs from a nutritional supplement because of dosage needs or absorption issues. That’s where our drip spa comes in. 

We offer a wide range of intravenous (IV) vitamin therapies, IV add-on boosters, and vitamin injections to boost your health. We have IV therapies to detox your body, boost immune health, and kickstart your metabolism. 

We also offer IV nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), which is a chemical present in your cells that converts food into energy, maintains DNA integrity, and protects your body from aging and disease. NAD+ production declines as you get older, which may play a role in age-related diseases. NAD+ vitamin therapy restores levels and helps you fight against age-related changes.

We can customize your IV therapy using our IV add-ons like B-complex for energy, vitamin C for healing, or amino acids for endurance. 

We also have B12 injections and the “Skinny Shot,” which contains nutrients that boost your body’s fat-burning powers. We even offer glutathione injections. Glutathione is an antioxidant that helps your body’s fight against oxidative stress. 

Who can benefit from vitamin drips?

Before we make any treatment recommendations, we do an in-depth consultation so we fully understand your goals. You may benefit from our drip spa if you want to rapidly hydrate your body and boost your nutrition.

Our vitamin drips can:

We may not recommend treatments at our drip spa if you have any underlying health condition that affects your body’s ability to process fluids and nutrients like liver or kidney disease. 

What to expect 

Like any other treatment we offer, you can expect professional and attentive care in a relaxing and rejuvenating setting. While you sit comfortably in our drip spa treatment chair, our medical expert inserts an IV line in your arm and starts your vitamin therapy.

Treatment takes 30-60 minutes and you can resume your usual activities after your session. You should feel energized and motivated following your drip spa treatment. We can repeat your vitamin therapy every two to four weeks. 

Are you ready to try our drip spa? Call our office most convenient to you or book an appointment online today. 

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